Saturday, November 8, 2008

T-Dub and Nuu Dang?

I cannot believe that I am starting a blog. This feels way too much like school for me. My only reason for writing is that we are close to our travel date in our adoption process for our second child, Anna "Grace" Cook and it seems like this is the easiest way to send information out to our family and friends.

So why the goofy title. 1) Because Nathan and I are not creative at all when it comes to naming things. We named our dog Duke after much deliberation because Nathan like an "U" sound in dog names. Had Duke been a female he would have been named Luby because we turned around the in parking lot of Luby's cafeteria one day and Nathan decided he like the name Luby. 2) Because T-Dub and Nuu Dang are our children and they are really the only reason I would even consider starting a blog. Both of our children are adopted and it has been our prayer since they were born (and even before) that their lives would lead other families to adopt. I hope this blog site will serve as a resource for that to our friends, family and anyone else who ventures onto this site.

I am already tired of writing (like I said, this feels like school) and so I will post an introduction to T-Dub and Nuu Dang a little later.

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