Saturday, November 22, 2008

Who are T-dub and Nuu Dang?

What is in a nickname? I am not sure but I know that growing up each of my siblings were given one that has stuck with each of us. Peanut was my nickname given to me by my Dad. I am not sure but think that being called Peanut for most of my life might have stunted my growth. I think that having nicknames growing up made each of us feel a sense of love and connection to our family. As a result, I think I have nicknames for everyone...neighbors, friends, family members and even dog. My two favorite nicknames are for our kids...T-dub and Nuu Dang.

Meet T-dub...

Caleb is our precious three and a half year old son. His nickname started when he first began to speak his name. He could not say Caleb clearly and each time it came out as T-dub. Nathan and I picked up on it and began calling him T-dub. It is a great nickname for our little cutie growing up in the 'hood. He sounds so tough...and he is.

Meet Nuu Dang...

Well actually we still have not met Nuu Dang. When we finally get to we will be thrilled to introduce you to her. Our daughter, Grace, was born just outside of Bangkok Thailand on October 3, 2007. We have been in the process of adopting her for the past 17 plus months and are really excited that we should be traveling soon to bring her home. Her birth name is Kwankhao Sakuntaradon but her birth mom nicknamed her Nuu Dang when she was just a couple of months old. It means "petite and loud". We are so excited to meet this petite and loud little one and look forward to sharing the remainder of our journey to her through this blog.

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