Friday, January 23, 2009

Birth Pains in the form of Achy Legs

After our long plane ride we are in Bangkok and have been getting acclimated to the city. I think we must be getting older because we both felt the plane rides were more taxing that what we have experienced in the past...hence the achy legs. It was great to get here at 2:00 AM however because we both took some Ambien and slept. I wish I could explain what this city is like. Nathan and I were talking at dinner about how to describe it. Neither of us had a good description. I guess I can just give some short facts from our experiences today. When we arrived last night at 2 AM we were shocked by how many people were on the streets. Our hotel is the nicest place we have ever stayed so it is hard to remember to use bottled water to brush your teeth. They upgraded us to a room with a terrace and it is fabulous. The terrace is rather large and overlooks the city. The city is very western. We went to a department store (actually a couple) today and found places that you would never see in Memphis because they are much more upscale than what our shopping malls carry. We saw a baby elephant going to the door of a restaurant by our hotel to be fed cucumber strips. We have taken the AirTrain several times. Chad and Steph, Nathan described it as being like the L but cleaner and nicer. It was packed tonight when we went to dinner. It smells a little like India here and is still very crowded but does not feel at all like India. People are very gentle and not pushy at all. It feels as humid as Memphis in August and I am loving wearing flip flops in January. The most amusing thing we saw today was while eating dinner at Hard Rock. We were watching out the window overlooking the parking lot. Traffic/parking wise I would say it is probably like New York (although I have never been there.) We watched as these two men that were working in the parking lot would move parked cars by rolling them forward or backward to let others into and out of parking spaces. We wish we had the video camera because there is no way to describe how funny looking it was. The common thoughts we both shared throughout the day were in regard to Grace. As we walked around the streets of Bangkok we both wondered about what she would look like as she gets older...actually we are still anxious to see what she looks like now! We meet her on Sunday AM and will go to her foster family's home that day. We cannot wait to meet her but are so grateful we came a couple of days early to get adjusted to the city. It has been a really good day. For those who have been praying for us, you can pray for health for Nathan. He left home with a cold/sinus infection and actually started taking a round of Cipro yesterday. He is much better. He has had some stomach issues today as well but seems to be feeling much better tonight. I have been battling irrational fears since we left Memphis. We both have been missing Caleb. C, there was a little boy your age that sat near us on the plane and Daddy and I both thought about how much you would have liked to play with him. You would have had to sit still for a very long time was even long for Daddy and he does not have nearly the amount of energy that you and I do! We love you sweet boy and can't wait to bring your sister home to you! We are headed to the weekend market tomorrow and will try to post some pictures after our first day with Grace on Sunday. Thanks to all who helped to get us here and to all who are praying for us during this trip.


shelly said...

kim and nathan,
thinking about you guys...can't wait to see pictures of Grace. pet the elephants for us!!!


Erin said...

It was so great to hear what is going on! Thank you for posting! I can't wait to "see" Grace on Sunday!
Love you all! Been praying for you!

tedhor said...

This is great! I can't wait to see the updates and keep up with you guys. Most of all, I can't wait to meet Grace. Love you both!