Monday, January 26, 2009


It is actually Tuesday AM here in Bangkok. I have about five minutes to post before Grace gets here with the social worker. This is the only picture I am posting from yesterday because they all look the same. We met Grace at 10:30 AM and spent the morning with her and the social workers at the department store down the street. She warmed up to us after a little while at the department store. When we returned to our hotel we were supposed to take her up to our room for about an hour and a half. This picture was taken in our room. She screamed the whole time with the exception of about two minutes. She is very smart and understands (as best we can tell) what is about to happen. She did reach for us a couple of times yesterday. Once she actually came to give him her shoes and her bag. It was obvious she wanted to go home. Laurie D, THANK YOU for preparing us for this.

Yesterday was extremely hard but we expected for it to be. She will be placed with us in just a few minutes permanently. There are several things we would like to have people pray for. Obviously for her adjustment. She is so mad and is fighting as hard as she can. I told Nathan this AM that at least we know if anyone ever tries to kidnap her she will fight them like crazy. Please also pray for my headaches. Several friends have been praying for me about this for a few weeks. I think I had a migraine yesterday afternoon. After a lot of sleep last night it was still lingering this morning. I really want to be attentive to Grace's needs and it is going to be incredibly difficult if I feel like I did last night. Nathan is much better. Thanks for praying for him as well. Finally we have been told that we should have our Visa by Thursday afternoon. If so we are going to try to come home early. Please pray we get the Visa and an earlier flight out. I think it will be easier for Nathan and I to meet her needs once we are back in our "element".

A couple of other things I did not mention. We finally got to talk to Caleb last night. After three different phone cards and multiple tries we found a way to contact him. I am so grateful for that. We miss you like crazy Caleb! (Mom, I will try to call you tonight. I heard that you and Betty met on Monday to make the switch with C.) The Lord answered our prayers for Grace to be loved and showed favor and attention. She has been so doted on that she is spoiled rotten. I don't think anyone has ever let her cry. That makes me a little nervous!!! At least she has been loved. The last random thing is about her eyelashes...again random. They are literally an inch long. I have never seen eyelashes so long!

Okay, I feel like this post is random and quick. It probably expresses my anxiety! We will try to post more tomorrow and will let people know if we are headed home early.


laura said...

I cannot imagine. We are praying like crazy through your list. We love you all so much.

tedhor said...

Hang in there, Kim! Sarah and I are praying for you and I know you will find peace in this. I think it's wonderful that Grace has been loved and has been able to bond with those who care for her. I know she will soon love you as much as you and Nathan love her already. Have a safe trip back!

carrielubrady said...

Woke up at 4:45am here, not sure what time it was there and started praying for ya'll!

Amye said...

Sista..Jim and I are praying like crazy for you, Nathan, and our new niece. I can't wait to hold that sweet girl! I know it is tough right now, but how fortunate that she has been so loved...and, there is SO much love waiting for her back here in the U.S. also. What a lucky girl!! I'm so excited, I am busting at the seams! It will get better, day by day. We love y'all!

Erin said...

Oh, friend!!! great to hear your heart and know more about what is going on and how to pray! I am praying praying...I hope your head feels better--I know it is hard to not be 100% with all that is happening and all that Grace needs. You guys are incredible parents. I am thankful that the Lord (through Laurie!) prepared you guys for yesterday. LOVE YOU!