Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coming Home

We are coming home early!!!

I am so excited I can hardly stand it. We leave BKK tomorrow night, a little over 24 hours from now. I was so nervous about going to the Delta Thai office to change our tickets. We had one of those moments when, as Amye and I would say, we thought we had been bamboozled. The rude Delta lady last night had given me an address that was for an office on the 22nd floor of a building a little ways from here. We found the building with no problem but it only had five floors. I could feel my blood pressure rising when my calm husband noticed that there was an office tower connected to the building we were in. We found Delta Thai and got our tickets changed. It only took about an hour. The new tickets we got are almost as good as what we had in terms of flight time, especially compared to some of the deals we were "offered" last night.

We will fly from Bangkok to Seoul, then to Chicago. We have an eight hour layover in Chicago but my brother and sister-in-law live there. Those of you with young children are probably thinking we are crazy but our other options were to spend the night in Seoul, have a 12 hour layover in Vegas or come home as scheduled on the 3rd. Compared to our other options Chicago sounds great! It is kind of funny though...when Nathan and I were talking about it this morning we realized that because we have been in a tropical climate we only have warm clothes. We called Chad and he is going to meet us at the airport with coats for Nathan and I and a blanket for Grace. Grace has lived in 90 degree weather all of her life, won't she be suprised. If all goes well we will get to see Steph before she has to be at work (she works at Argo Tea in the airport) and get to have lunch with Chad and see their apartment in Chicago. This is a huge blessing because otherwise they would not even get to see Grace until May.

About has been much better. She still has cried a lot of the time we have been in the hotel but it is more of a wimper instead of a constant raging scream. She did great in the Delta office and has taken a good nap this afternoon. She actually ate an egg at breakfast this morning which is HUGE since she has barely eaten anything since she was placed with us.

Okay, I should probably log off. I have been on the web for two long and need to let Nathan check some things. We will try to post tomorrow but if not will once we are settled back in Memphis.

Just a side note about Nathan...he has done an amazing job of navigating us around the city. For all the times that I have joked about his sense of direction (seminary friends you know what I mean) I repent. He has been my greatest blessing on this trip. My OCD has been out of control and he has been WONDERFUL.

Please pray for our flights, that we don't have any ticket problems at the airport and for Grace on the flight. I am nervous that I will have to hold her for 36 hours straight.


rick.donlon said...

Reading the blog is like time travel for me. I "remember" everything you have written. She is so lovely. Now I will send you 7 years ahead to the future by giving you the scene in our house this morning. I'll substitute Grace's name for the real character: Grace is memorizing Romans 8... "for what the law was powerless to do in that it was weakened by the sinful nature, God did..." She finishes her cheerios, stamps all the way upstairs coaxing the dog along the way, spends way too long brushing her teeth and hair, and packs her lunch while singing "How Does She Know", the show stopper from Enchanted. She corrects her brother on some piece of Harry Potter trivia, and makes him wait as she puts on her pink stripey sweater, orange wool coat, blue tassley hat, scarf, and mittens in that order. She kisses you goodbye through the scarf because she's wearing it like Randy in A Christmas Story. She leaves for Brewster. She comes back because she forgot her violin. She wants you to fix her mittens. She leaves again after a second kiss. Unable to tolerate not being FIRST at all times, she runs, backpack, lunch, violin and all, to cut off her siblings at the corner. They are pawns in her world, after all. Can you see it? Love, Laurie

carrielubrady said...

Okay, so wanted you to have something funny to read. I went to feed duke yesterday and took Rudy with me. I thought this would help something funny to happen so you could laugh. Well, Duke did his normal get to the ground low and shake his nub of a tail, a trick I now know which means, come any closer and I will lift my leg and use the bathroom on you little dog. So I tied Rudy's leash to the fence and went in to feed Duke. I told him y'all were coming home soon and he slobbered and looked at me like he knew exactly what I was saying. Well, nothing happened funny with Duke and Rudy to tell you about but I did manage to squirt myself with your water hose as I was turning the water off. Funny part about that is, I knew it was coming, not the first time it has happened. Go figure. I am soo glad y'all are on the way home!!! Can't wait to see Grace in person. Love y'all!!

amy griffith said...

we will pray. we just did a small 4 hour flight to costa rica with caia (a day older than grace) and that was not easy! cant wait to hear all that God does for you!!

The Cook Family said...

Yes, we can. We are both crying. It was exactly four days. She is interacting today with both of us and eating for the first time. Signs of hope. Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement.