Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally...a blog name!

Okay we leave for Thailand in a week and a half and I have not sent our blog information out to anyone because our original name "theadventuresoftdubandnundang" was way too complicated and I am not creative when it comes to names and new ideas. Finally this morning I thought of our blog name. Slanky and Company. Sticking with our nicknames I can introduce you to Slanky...aka Nathan. Nathan was given this nickname by our friend Marlon. Several years ago Marlon was teaching at a youth event or church and had just met Nathan. He was referring to him in his talk but could not remember his name. As he fumbled on his words he referred to Nathan as slanky because he is both slim and lanky. He started calling Nathan that and it stuck. So here we are Slanky and Company ready to send our information out to folks now and laughing about the fact that I have been blogging in secret for the past two months!


Grant said...

Slanky and Company.... I like it!
I SO SO SO wish I had stuck with my original plan to go to Bangkok on Jan 23-26th! We could have connected, hung out and prayed together before the big day! I cant' wait to meet Grace one of these days! Still praying for you guys. Love yall much!

Grant said...

oooops, sorry, this is Tammy H, I just looked at your blog and realized that Grant Ward was on my computer and I must have logged on with his Identity. Ha.

Melinda said...

SO excited to come along on this journey with you! We'll be checking in regularly!
it won't be long now.... :)

amy griffith said...

amy here, can't wait to see more pictures of her! love her new pics on facebook!!!!
kim, if yall need a break, bring the fam to costa rica :)
love ya!