Friday, January 30, 2009

Rice Painting

Have you ever tried finger painting with rice? Grace finally ate real food yesterday afternoon and again this morning. This morning her stomach was a little upset when she woke up, but it didn't affect her appetite. She ate a bowl of rice and a piece of toast and "painted" sticky rice all over herself and the table.

She is starting to bond to both of us and sleeping well at night. We are leaving for the airport in about 10 hours. Thank you for your prayers for our return home. We have some more fun pictures to post after we get home.


amy griffith said...

we will pray for your trip! and can't wait to see more pictures, PLEASE GET TONS OF THE FIRST TIME CALEB MEETS HER! he is soooooo animated, i would LOVE to see his expression!

Tara H. Lowry said...

Kim and Nathan...I've been reading your has brought me to tears...we are praying for all of you as you leave to come home...praying and BELIEVING that the airplane trip will be wonderful. We'll have to share about ours at a later date. :) I cried when I read what a fighter Grace is...Lydia is also a fighter...but the lover in her will come out..I promise. Nathan! Lydia attached to Andy first..and it took her about 1 week after we arrived home for her to fully give her heart to me. She finally let me hold her while we were in China..but with her arms reached out to Andy. SO HARD on so many different levels!!! Kim..I know you're exhausted..andy was after the 2 weeks there b/c he was her main caregiver..praying for you. Our experiences have a lot of similarities...Lydia got sick also and we had to take her to the hospital..which was really a dr.s' office...crazy! We can't wait to hear all the details...we love all of you..and feel so connected to you through this amazing journey of adoption. much love, peace, strength, patience and endurance as you finish this part of the journey.

Tammy H said...

I've loved reading everything Kim. Remember what I said before....some of the most loving and passionate kids here were the ones who screamed and cried in the beginning. It gets better, and I honestly believe, like Tara said, you will see the lover come out in her. Big time! Those fighters are passionate, but the passion will come out in awesome ways in the days to come!!

I am praying! I am with Amy....I wanna see lots of pics of Caleb and her, especially on day one!

Can't wait to hear more! Am praying!!!