Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tears of Tiredness

As I write this entry Grace is asleep in the hotel room with Nathan. Today has been again very tearful for her yet it seems she is not as angry. She seems more tired than anything else today. She slept through the night which we did not expect because the foster family has still been giving her at bottle at 1 AM every night. She woke up about 5:30 and cried again for the first couple of hours of the day. She seems to be attaching to me more than Nathan which is a little hard for both of us. It means she wants me to carry her a lot of the time. Heidi, I have been thinking about you because the baby to mommy weight ratio is about the same as it was for you and Dasia at this age. We met our social worker in the lobby this morning at 8:00 AM and were back here from our Department of Children Services meeting by 10:45. It was at this meeting that we signed our agreement to adopt. It is a little confusing but this document is basically what will be used to make our adoption final in the US. The Thai side of the adoption however will not be finalized until about six months after it is in the US. Confusing for those of you reading I am sure because it is a little confusing to us.

Tomorrow morning we go to apply for Grace's visa and if all goes well we should be able to pick it up in the afternoon. Please pray we will get it tomorrow. The next hurdle will be to get our tickets changed. We have been told that after we pay the change fee ($100 per ticket) it should be no problem. That is as long as there are sky miles tickets available. The planes here were much emptier than any other time I have traveled so I am hopeful.

We have been watching the weather in Memphis and are sad we might miss the snow. It is 102 here today! Feels like Memphis in August.

I should run just in case Grace is awake and screaming. We will try to post again tomorrow. I'll try to include a couple of pictures as well. Thanks for following our journey. As Caleb told my mom yesterday our family is now 4!


Bebe said...

I keep trying to leave comments. One of these days----
Prayers for strength and mercy for all are going your way. Love to all, Bebe

Tammy H said...

awesome nathan and Kim, congrats! Listen, I just wanted to encourage you, I know that the tears are exhausting. But, looking back on K-homes.... it seems like the kids who cried the most after coming here (whether they came from a hard horrible situation or a good situation was irrelevant).....those that cried the most are somehow 'emotionally healthier' than those who didn't. I don't know if that makes sense. But let me just name the top 5 cry-ers and screamers their first week in k-homes, Sudha, Poppy, MinLun, Venilla and Muan. All well adjusted, well bonded, healthy kids. I think it shows that she has the ability to bond, and has the normal reactions. If she was completely apathetic and didn't pitch a fit, then I would be worried!!
Anyway, that was an awful long post. Sorry about that!! Congrats to you all!! I can't wait to hear and see more!!!

Karen said...

I just keep thinking as I pray for you all to pray for grace (little "g") as I pray for Grace (big "g"). May He not only bless you with Grace, but with grace today...all of you!