Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Weekend Market

Kim wants to make sure that you know that this is me (Nathan) posting this blog and NOT her.

Have you ever been shopping with 10,000,000 people? I have. And you know how I love to shop. It is one of my favorite things to do. Our shopping experience today was fabulous. The weather was perfect, 95 degrees and humid. There were actually two or three shops that I could stand straight up in, too. I think the average Thai person is about 4 feet tall. The street vendor umbrellas max out at 5 feet 5 inches, so even walking down the side walk was somewhat of an adventure. (Kim is laughing because she didn't even notice). I decided to brave the street with the 1.5 million cars and scooters rather than hunching over for 2 hours straight.

My only regret of the day is not buying the catfish head on a stick that we saw at the "weekend market". Kim made me promise not to be too adventuresome with my diet today. I understand her concern, but am not sure when I am going to get another chance to eat a catfish head on a stick. It is really one of those once in a life time chances (I think.)

Tomorrow we meet Grace for the first time. Kim and I are both excited and a little nervous. We will try to post pictures soon to give you a better idea of our experience here, and of course so that you can see Grace. Until then, kop kum kop (I think I just thanked you, or said good bye, I don't know which. People say it too me every day. I just nod. So, just nod.)


shelly said...

i would have voted for the catfish head on a stick...sounds tasty! could only be better if it was FRIED!!
love reading along with your adventure. keep it coming!

Tammy H said...

I love that weekend market. Glad you are enjoying Bangkok. Today is the big day, it is Sunday morning here (in SIng) and in BKK, so I am praying for you guys as you meet Grace for the first time. I am praying for loads of GRACE to cover you meeting, for an instant unexplainable bond, for lots of smiles, and for perfect peace. Love yall much!

carrielubrady said...

Praying for you sweet friends!! Nathan you are so stinkin' funny! Duke is doing great, The Crenshaws have this week and we take over on the 28th. I will tell him that you miss him too! :) I cannot wait to meet Grace! I am going to try to teach Emma Sanders to say Grace before you get home. Love y'all!

Sitting on the edge of our seats until next time,

The Bradys

laura said...

I am sitting here Sunday afternoon, knowing you are here, on this side of the earth...and you are meeting your daughter. I think I might cry!! Waiting not so patiently to hear...

amy griffith said...

i LOVEEEEE that weekend market, and it is a LABOR of LOVE for jonathan to shop with me there!!!! wish i could have shopped with kim!